PetroFitz Recruiting & HR Solutions is committed to utilizing the most professional standards, protocol and current recruiting methods, outlined below:
Recruitment Planning Phases: Phase 1:  Collect Requirements:  Client/PetroFitz first meeting. This information must come from the hiring manager.  The hiring manager is not the only stakeholder, but he/she is the “key” stakeholder. 1. Job description is a minimum requirement.  Include the following: a. Organizational chart:  employees surrounding this position and reporting structure. b. Education requirements. c. Mobility d. Travel requirements e. Establish the keys to position:  what will make a successful candidate?  What three skill drivers are most important to the position? f. Roles and responsibilities g. What are nice to haves, but not essential? 2. Remuneration:  base salary, yearly bonus, equity awards inclusive of any sign on equity. 3. Description of the company bonus plan. 4. Is relocation a possibility? 5. Establish career development opportunities. 6. What is the time to hire expectations? 7. Who are the competitors?   Which competitors does the client admire the most?  8. What is the formal interview process?  Will there be a second, third interview? 9. What is the interview timeline? 10. Reference checks and when will they be collected and who completes? 11. Background checks.  Who does the background checks and when? Phase 2:  Candidate search: 1. Networking:  PetroFitz will contact and discretely network within the oil and gas community and will only reveal the clients name when candidate interest is established. 2. Direct cold calls into discovered potential candidates.  Referrals are used when possible. 3.PetroFitz completes its marketplace research and makes direct contact with potential candidates. Phase 3:  PetroFitz candidate interviews and reference checks: 1. PetroFitz has a standard behavioral interview and we adjust the interview relative to the client’s cultural statement.  We interview the person and determine strengths, weaknesses, salary requirements and we complete a technical assessment either using our own sources or client supplied questions.  2. A completed assessment report is prepared and sent to the client for review. Phase 4:  Client interview 1. PetroFitz completes all administration related to setting up the interview with the client’s team. 2. PetroFitz contacts the candidate with interview results. Phase 5:  Offer letter 1. PetroFitz delivers the offer letter to the candidate and returns the signed letter to the client.