PetroFitz Recruiting & HR Solutions, LLC
                                                                                                           Divisions    Recruiting Division:   We are constantly looking for qualified candidates to fill oil and gas company openings.  Utilizing innovative   recruiting techniques, we search the market for skilled candidates. For each good prospect found we provide   our clients (1) the candidate‚Äôs resume, (2) a fact sheet 3) a behavioral interview (4) a technical interview   and (5) an executive summary (for retained searches only).        Solutions Division:   We help oil and gas companies with their training needs.  We specialize in Front Line Management Training,   Competency Assurance Programs, HR Audits and Project Management instruction for HR professionals.     We have experience developing Front Line  Management curriculum and delivery.  We incorporate client   cultural values into each module with special emphasis on client interface and leadership. We have   developed Competency Assurance Programs that include technical and behavioral skills. Final product   includes a career ladder for each client employment family. Our alliance partner has an established   International Association of Drilling Contractor (IADC) competency assurance certification program. We   perform HR Audits for companies in order to streamline their HR departments hence making them more   efficient and economical. We design and deliver functional Project Management Curriculum for functional   groups with special emphasis on Human Resource employees.