We are looking for domestic and international candidates with experience      in the oil and natural gas industry:      ·      Fracturing/Stimulation Operations Positions      ·      Drillers      ·      Toolpushers      ·      Rig Superintendents and Rig Managers      ·      Operation & District Managers      ·      Human Resource professionals      ·      Health, Safety and Environmental Managers      ·      Sales and Marketing Personnel      ·      Country Manager      ·      Research and Engineering professionals      ·      Drilling Engineers      ·      Reservoir Engineers      ·      Geologists and Geophysicists      ·      Project Control Personnel      ·      EPC Project Managers and Directors      ·      Supply Chain/Procurement Managers and Executives      ·      Completions Foremen/ Production Foremen      To submit a resume please click this link:  Submit Resume